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With regular business reviews, we ask:

  • How can you seek out new business?
  • How can you develop new business cases?
  • How can you reach out to new or existing customers differently?
  • How can you draw attention to yourselves?
  • How can you maximise your pipeline of potential business?
  • How can you recognise market trends?


Based on answers to these questions, we establish or create bespoke services and solutions. We aim to realise both financial and non-financial benefits for our clients.

Services and solutions:

  • Thematic reflection:
    • Specific direct marketing activity focused on the recognition of market needs and market trend mapping of specific customer groups and target markets .
    • Key outputs include market analysis and the production of reports and materials describing the saturation and maturity of markets in defined areas.


  • Spotlight
    • Solutions will be focused on communication using traditional formats and tools. 
    • For example, we use break out spaces and downtime to deliver a targeted presence at conferences and events.  
    • Why not use videos to promote your company or services to a specially selected group of delegates or visitors?
    • Let us promote your company to selected attendees at meetings and conferences with our Spotlite.
    • Visit our website here


  • A4 News
    • This is an independent online magazine in Pdf format aimed at providing a brief overview of the current situation in the ICT market in the Czech Republic.
    • We utilise both the magazine content and the advertising space in this media for different types of marketing support and communication (part of media relationships).
    • Currently we have about 450 regular readers among ICT managers and experts.


  • Web design
    • This service deals with projects aimed at creating a new website or redesign e.g. adapting your website to meet the changing needs of your target market.


  • Advisory and consultancy
    • We deal with a range of marketing and communications issues that will enable you to reach business targets, generate leads or improve the efficiency and economy of marketing communication.